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from Bruce Davison
2Night of the Living Dead 3D: Re-Animation
from Jeff Broadstreet
3Haunted High School / GhostQuake
from Jeffery Scott Lando
42-Headed Shark Attack
from Christopher Ray
5Alien Uprising (UFO)
from Dominic Burns
6El Hoyo del Diablo
from Francis Disla
from Griff Furst
8Jurassic Shark
from Brett Kelly
9Psychophony / Psychophony: An Experiment In Evil
from Xavier Berraondo
10Bloody Bloody Bible Camp
from Vito Trabucco
from Jim Wynorski
12Cannibal Diner
from Frank W. Montag
13Apartment 1303: Remake / Apartment 1303 3D
from Michael Taverna
14The American Battleship / American Warships
from Thunder Levin
from Jared Cohn
1640 Days and Nights
from Peter Geiger
17Nazis at the Center of the Earth
from Joseph J. Lawson
18Alien Origin
from Mark Atkins
from David Dunn Jr.
20Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies
from Richard Schenkman
from Michael Mazur, Luke Thompson
22Shark Assault / Shark Island
from Christopher Ray
23Gingerclown 3D
from Balázs Hatvani
24Savage Love
from Olaf Ittenbach
25Sadako 3D
from Tsutomu Hanabusa
26Hold Your Breath / #holdyourbreath
from Jared Cohn
27Dracula 3D / Dracula di Dario Argento / Dracula / Dario Argento´s Dracula
from Dario Argento
28Gallowwalkers / Gallowwalker
from Andrew Goth
from Jordi Mollŕ
30Morgana: Una Puerta al Terror
from Ramón Obón
31The 12 Disasters of Christmas / The 12 Disasters / The Twelve Disasters
from Steven R. Monroe
32Greystone Park / The Asylum Tapes
from Sean Stone
33La Presencia
from Óscar Parra de Carrizosa
34Detention of the Dead / School of the Living Dead / Zombie High School
from Alex Craig Mann
35Do You Like my Basement
from Roger Sewhcomar
36Alien Tornado (Tornado Warning)
from Jeff Burr
from John Lyde
38Jodidos Kabrones
from Manolito Motosierra
39Lake Placid: The Final Chapter / Lake Placid 4
from Don Michael Paul
40Serie B
from Ricard Reguant, Richard Vogue
41Dragon Wasps
from Joe Knee
from Vyacheslav Kaminsky
43Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection
from James Plumb
44The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption
from Roel Reiné
45Reipu Zonbi: Lust of the Dead
from Naoyuki Tomomatsu
46Super Cyclone
from Liz Adams
47Battlefield Death Tales / Nazi Zombie Death Tales
from James Eaves, Pat Higgins, Alan Ronald
from Neil Jones
49I Will Follow You into the Dark / Into the Dark
from Mark Edwin Robinson
50The Helpers / No Vacancy
from Chris Stokes

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1 Spider-Man: Far from Home / SpiderMan: Homecoming 2 / Spider-Man: The New Avenger 2 45,300,000 $
2 Toy Story 4 20,665,000 $
3 Crawl 12,000,000 $
4 Stuber 8,043,000 $
5 Hier / Tegnap 6,750,000 $
6 Aladdin 5,873,000 $
7 Annabelle Comes Home 5,550,000 $
8 Midsommar 3,551,571 $
9 The Secret Life of Pets 2 3,100,000 $
10 Men in Black: International / MIB 4 2,215,000 $

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